Trust in online education on the rise

A recent Gallup poll has revealed that Americans are increasingly valuing the quality of online colleges and universities.

online-education-pollA growing trust in digital institutions is occurring with online learning. According to a new Gallup poll, more U.S. adults (out of a random sample of about 1,000) agree or strongly agree that online colleges and universities offer high-quality education.

The 37 percent of adults polled, who agreed with idea that online instructions offer high-quality education in the Gallup-Luminia Foundation Poll on Higher Education, represent a respectable increase among a similar group polled in 2011, when only 30 percent of those polled responded positively to the question. A neutral stance was taken by 34 percent of those polled.

Additionally, as would be expected, with a rise in those who agreed or strongly agreed with the idea that online institutions offer high-quality education, the percentage of those polled that disagreed or strongly disagreed with the assertion has decreased. Although 31 percent of U.S. adults disagreed or strongly disagreed in the 2011 poll, the 2014 poll now shows that only 27 percent of respondents disagree or strongly disagree with the idea.

All in all, these results represent a respectable increase in trust for online education, showing that more than 1 in 3 people respect the quality of learning within online higher education, compared to little more than 1 out of every 4 people who do not. This shows that the nearly 250 online colleges in the U.S. are gaining significant traction with the public.

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