If you have ever considered distance learning, these educational platforms may have just what you’re looking for


There is no denying that online learning has become popular in recent years. Advocates of this alternative educational experience argue that its rise in popularity is closely linked to soaring higher ed tuition costs.

Moreover, in the case of the massive open online course (MOOC), the advantages of a free, quality education which participants can receive in the comfort of their home – provided that they have an internet connection – are very appealing.

Critics of online learning state that participants do not receive actual credits toward a traditional degree; allege that it’s for-profit and is a scam; and that the deficit in course completion rates requires a rethinking of the model’s effectiveness.

eCampus News has compiled a list of some of the best online platforms for higher ed. Factors taken into consideration include what type of degree participants seek, platform credibility, and the type of course offerings.

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