Here’s how to reach your most social, tech-savvy students

Higher-ed institutions using YouTube, Snapchat to announce student’s acceptance

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In a trend that’s quickly catching on in many colleges and universities across the country, institutions are turning to trendy social media platforms to engage prospective students. The reason? The need to connect with a generation accustomed to smartphones and images.

One example is with a new University of Southern California Academy. Rather than traditional brochures or letters in the mail, students admitted to the new USC Academy received their acceptance announcements through innovative YouTube videos.

The USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation sent personalized video messages to accepted students filmed by the donors, Jimmy Iovine and Andre “Dr. Dre” Young.

Founded with a $70 million gift from Iovine and Young, the program plans to recruit the next generation of pioneers in creative fields from the arts to commerce and industry.

The Academy, opening this fall, will begin with 25 students selected out of hundreds of applicants. All applicants had to include video submissions in their applications, describing pitches that solve problems or create opportunities for communities through inventive ideas, products, or services.

According to a press release by USC, the Academy’s Executive Director, Erica Muhl, wanted the acceptances to be unique. She believes the YouTube videos will be “lifelong keepsakes for these students.”

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