Ed-tech highlights from SXSWedu

This year’s SXSWedu conference saw the launch of fresh ed-tech start-ups, new educational games, and more.

sxswedu-ed-techCouldn’t make it to SXSWedu this week? Hey, neither could we–but we’ve still got you covered.

Now in its fourth year, SXSWedu brings together some of the biggest names in education, as well as introduces people and companies whose ideas need more attention. Here are some of the major announcements, products, and trends coming out of Austin this week.

Study abroad, without leaving campus
Hoping to do for language studies what it has already done for political science, McGraw-Hill Education launched a new computer game at SXSWedu called Practice Spanish: Study Abroad.

The 3D, multi-player game simulates a study abroad trip in Spain, tasking students to use Spanish vocabulary to find their classes, buy souvenirs, interact with a host family, and even seek medical attention for a classmate.

“Short pre-task vocabulary and grammar activities will prepare you to complete the challenges,” McGraw-Hill said. “In the multi-player setting you will have the opportunity to interact with your fellow classmates from within the game, providing you with the opportunity to speak Spanish with your real-world classmates from within the virtual setting.”

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