These 10 Apple and Android apps can help keep students engaged, and save educators time.

appleIncorporating apps into online learning can keep students motivated and give them easy access to course material and notes. Here are 10 presentation apps that offer educators a way to keep students interested.

1. My Class Schedule, Android, Free

Organization is key for this app. It notifies users of all classes, assignments, and quizzes. You have the option to receive reminders for upcoming tests and unfinished assignments. The app can help keep track of grades and provides an average grade overview. There is an option to sync between android devices. Users can input unlimited courses with the free version, but the paid version ($1.99) offers cloud backup.

2. Complete Class Organizer, iPad, $4.99

This app is designed to hold all of your class information right on your iPad. It replaces a notepad, voice recorder, planner, and calculator. A useful feature for courses with a lot of lecture material is the ability to synchronize written notes with audio lecture recordings. This way students will never miss important information. Users can import PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, and integrate with Google Docs and Dropbox. Ensure you never lose your information by backing up content over the iCloud or USB.

3. EduPort, Android, Free

Access multimedia content through EduPort. With lectures from leading YouTube channels, this app provides a platform for supplemental learning through video. The app works like a YouTube playlist, allowing you to add your favorite lectures to a collection for quick access. Videos may be downloaded for offline viewing. Some popular channels are TED Talks, UC Berkeley, and Khan University.