Pearson creates searchable catalog of open educational resources

At launch, OpenClass Exchange will contain 680,000 open educational resources.

The number of open educational resources (OER) that educators can choose from is constantly growing. Every week, new — and free — textbooks, quizzes, videos and even full courses are appearing online.

The publishing and education giant Pearson has wrangled up nearly 700,000 of these resources into an easily searchable catalog through its OpenClass Exchange platform.

An expansion of Pearson’s online learning environment OpenClass, Exchange will allow educators to search for and access thousands of resources, including videos from TED Ed, Kahn Academy and YouTube EDU, as well as courses from the Open Course Library.

Scot Chadwick, vice president and general manager of OpenClass, said the expansion seeks to address two concerns the company has heard repeatedly from instructors.

It’s hard to locate the best open educational resources, he said, and, when they are found, the resources are not always easy to integrate into existing learning management systems.

“Educators are saying, ‘We can’t dedicate our lives to content searches,’” Chadwick said. “We wanted to address that, so we brought together as many really great learning resources as we could. A lot of them are video-based, which is intentional, but there’s also great simulations, courses and eBook content.”

See Page 2 for how OpenClass Exchange will work. 

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