Green-IT Solution from Niyasys attracting many Engineering Colleges in India

Niyasys Technologies ( has launched their integrated Green-IT solution, called togdi, in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states. With acute power-cuts happening now, the Engineering Colleges are turning to togdi to save their monthly operating expenditure by 85% and capital expenditure by 65%. Its other features like – providing a green PC to every student in the college, without any additional hardware expenditure, is being well appreciated by college managements. Their CEO, Kesava Reddy Kasireddy, said that using this solution, a college using 500 traditional PCs can save two and half lakh units of power. Industry experts are appreciating Niyasys’ initiative for coming up with such an exciting solution including features such as Grid Computing, Virtualization, Green-IT (saving power too), Unified Labs, Lab Management, System Administration Automation, Courseware Management, eLearning and other technology features. Currently they are offering heavy discount as part of Launch Offer for Colleges in these 2 states. This is a golden opportunity for colleges to save power and optimize resources. More details about this solution can be freely obtained by sending an email to