Project-Based Learning for 3D Printing

Posted on: October 13, 2016

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About Event

Learn from an instructor who taught the curriculum.

The Stratasys 3D Printing Curriculum combines in-depth lectures, class discussions and hands-on projects. Assistant Professor Steve Chomyszak used it to teach a “Special Topics” 3D printing course at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, and he shares his successes and lessons learned in this 30-minute webinar.

 What you will learn:

  • Overview of the 14-week project-based 3D printing curriculum
  • How an interactive learning environment impacted and inspired WIT students
  • How the WIT 3D printing lab went from crickets to buzzing with activity
  • How the curriculum measured up according to students
  • Lessons learned and best practices for teaching the course
  • Faculty impression of the course and future plan

Who should attend: 

  • Technology educators
  • Design, engineering and architecture educators
  • University administration
  • High school instructors
  • High school administrators
  • Superintendents
  • School board members
  • Education association members