McAfee promises some customers refunds after update fiasco

McAfee on April 26 said it would reimburse “reasonable expenses” that were incurred after an incorrect malware alert last week caused computers running Windows XP Service Pack 3 to shut down and start on a continuous reboot cycle, PC Magazine reports. “If you have already incurred costs to repair your PC as a result of this issue, we’re committed to reimbursing reasonable expenses,” McAfee said on its web site. “Steps to process your reimbursement request will be posted in the next few days.” The company also said those whose computers were rendered inoperable or severely impaired as a result of the faulty file release would be eligible for a free, two-year extension of their existing McAfee subscription. McAfee said only a “small percentage” of its customers had permanent damage to their computers, and “our immediate priority is to get you back up and running.” Computers at Illinois State University and other schools were among those affected by the glitch…

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