Rick Perry calls for frozen tuition at state universities in Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry doesn’t believe public colleges should be able increase students tuition each year, the Huffington Post reports. At the Texas Tribune festival, a three-day public policy forum in Austin, Perry said students who go to state universities should have the same tuition for their senior year as they do when they enter as freshmen. According to reports, Perry seemed intent to push for a tuition freeze in the next legislative session.

“If you get out of the University of Texas with a $50,000 debt, I don’t know if we’ve served you well,” Perry told a crowd of lawmakers, journalists and state officials. “We’ll tell an incoming freshman, ‘This is what the university will charge you for four years.'”

Currently, undergraduate in-state students pay $4,896 per semester. Without a locked price, students at public universities can see their tuition increase significantly — sometimes doubling — thanks in large part to state budget cuts……Read More