4 stories you should know about

From redefining autism to the tech trends in higher-ed, these are our most popular stories

may-stories-publicationDid you know that students on the autism spectrum often have to pay premiums of thousands of dollars just to get the services they need on college campuses? Or that those on the autism spectrum might actually be more suited than others for the higher-ed learning environment? What about the fact that the number of distance learning participants may be drastically exaggerated? Or that one Cornell expert believes she has the answers for why higher-ed is dying?

These stories, and many more, are featured in our May digital edition, now available online. From revealing the “5 tech trends poised to rock education” to everything you could ever know about how to recruit and retain Millennials, and from updating faculty PD for online and blended learning to understanding new credentialing, this issue speaks to colleges and universities eager to adapt services and learning approaches to better cater to its 21st-century students.

And not only is this issue packed with relevant information for most every department on your campus, we’ve added a new feature to our publication, which we hope you’ll find helpful: hyperlinks (finally!). This feature, as well as many others in the near future, are part of our continuing effort each month to produce the most useful and intellectually stimulating publication for you and your colleagues.…Read More