Meet the newest cord cutters: college campuses

TV isn’t coming back to school at Northwestern University this fall: The college decided earlier this year that it was going to turn off its campus-wide television service over the summer, Gigaom reports.

“The decision to discontinue NUTV was the result of many factors including demonstrated non-use by our students,” said Northwestern University Information Technology Director Wendy Woodward when asked about the end of the program.

Northwestern University isn’t the only school questioning whether it should keep spending money on TV services, considering that students prefer to stream their shows from online services instead. The growing popularity of Netflix and other streaming services on campus also has system administrators looking for better ways to manage all that traffic.…Read More

Smartphones hinder face-to-face social interaction

We’re in the midst of a revolution.

And just like in “I, Robot,” intelligent machines are the cause: smartphones, The Collegiate Times reports. They’re raising up an army of college students and it’s growing rapidly.

Eighty-one percent of college-aged students have smartphones, according to Pew Research. Two years ago that number was hovering around 49 percent. That’s almost double. So to anyone who says that smartphones aren’t revolutionizing college communication, and communication in general for that matter, you’re nuts.…Read More

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