These distance-learning scholarships bring your online degree closer

Every year, an increasing number of students pursue some or all of their college education online, U.S. News reports. Whether it’s at online-only schools or through distance-learning programs from traditional colleges, these Web-based programs offer a wide array of options and a ton of flexibility–especially for part-time, returning, and nontraditional students. If they’re from properly accredited institutions, online credits can help you earn your general requirements faster, and if you’re looking for a mid-career change, you can pursue a new degree during one or two nights a week. Fortunately, the increasing presence of online degrees also means an increase in scholarships geared specifically toward online students. First and foremost, many general scholarships and federal financial aid programs can be applied to tuition at accredited online institutions. Check out the resources at to find out more, and be sure to talk with your college’s financial aid office about available options. We’d also recommend finding a few alumni to talk to; it takes a little more work for online campuses, but it’s worth it…

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