Corinthian boosted figures to obtain federal funds

A behind-the-scenes portrait of Corinthian’s shady practices

corinthian-colleges-fundsAfter wrapping up a nine-month electrician training program at Everest College-San Bernardino in 2011, Kenneth Dewar hoped to get the career placement assistance he had been promised.

Then he spotted his own photo on a campus wall featuring “successfully placed” graduates. The school had counted his sporadic gigs as a freelance audio engineer, work he secured before ever enrolling.

“I was a mark in their book, and they didn’t want to change it,” said Dewar, 39, whose attempts to get placement assistance went nowhere.…Read More

Corinthian Colleges to offer loans with ASFG

For-profit education company Corinthian Colleges Inc. said Thursday that it will offer $450 million in discount loans with ASFG over the next two years for Corinthian students, the Associated Press reports. Under terms of the deal, the loans will be given by a separate, unspecified lender and then sold to ASFG. Under Corinthian’s current program, Corinthian buys the loans itself, and is thus responsible if students default on them…

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