College presidents think NCAA scandals hurt higher ed

More than two-thirds of college presidents surveyed believe recent sports scandals have compromised the reputation of higher education as a whole, and just 13 percent think the presidents of big-time sports schools have control of their programs, a new survey finds, the Associated Press reports. The survey, of more than 1,000 campus chief executives by the online publication Inside Higher Ed, suggests widespread worry among presidents about problems in college athletics but inspires little confidence they will be able to do much about them. Three-quarters agreed colleges and universities spend “way too much money” on athletics, but only 15 percent said too much is spent at their own institutions (at public doctoral universities, the category of most big-time sports schools, the figure was 36 percent). One prominent college president told Inside Higher Ed the survey “confirms the need for major reforms but demonstrates why they are so unlikely to occur.”

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