More colleges helping out with the financial burdens of internships

A few months ago, College of William and Mary student Nick Reck was selected for a summer internship in a senator’s office on Capitol Hill, the Washington Post reports. He excitedly accepted the unpaid spot, even though he couldn’t afford it.

“It was not a question of if I would do this or not, it was a question of how I would do this,” said Reck, 20, a rising junior from Pennsylvania who is mostly paying for college by himself with loans…

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A graduation gift for college seniors: Jobs

Hamza Afzal had such a hard time finding an electrical engineering internship during the recession that he delayed his graduation, took pre-med classes, and applied to law school, BusinessWeek reports. This year he got two job offers in his field. “I definitely saw a shift in the job market,” says Afzal, a senior at San Jose State University, who starts May 30 at chipmaker Linear Technology. The class of 2011 is enjoying the best job market for new grads since the 2008 financial crisis, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. It’s being driven by gains in finance, energy, and technology, says Edwin W. Koc, NACE’s research chief, who foresees younger workers filling a backlog of jobs after two years of stagnant hiring…

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