A Free, Remote Engagement Solution for College Students During COVID-19 Disruptions

Uni Esports Group is offering free help to higher ed schools to set up remote Discord and Facebook communities for student-gamers

Fairfax, California, March 19, 2020: In light of school closures and disruptions caused across higher education by the COVID-19 pandemic, Uni Esports Group is offering administrators free help to launch school-specific online communities to support their students.

This is a critical time for campus officials and educators to be able to reach their students. As students are driven inside and online, gaming and esports mediums become more and more crucial in the effort to keep our communities informed. According to Verizon, U.S. video game usage during peak hours has gone up 75 percent since the quarantine first went into effect.

Uni Esports Group works with school administrators to:

  • Create a Discord server and Facebook group for schools that are designed for student-gamers and moderated by school administrators (since March 11th, Discord has increased its server capacity worldwide by more than 20% to keep lines of communication open).
  • Provide plug-and-play engagement ideas to keep student-gamers tied in with the community and their peers.
  • Provide a code of conduct that lays out a template for inclusivity in these spaces.
  • Deliver free instruction for administrators to operate and moderate these online communities.

Part of the goal will be to use esports to increase the penetration of important public health and logistical updates by bringing students onto platforms where schools can easily reach them. Building communities where administrators can provide accurate and timely information to engaged student populations is crucial, and esports can make a difference.

If you are interested in learning more or having your school participate, please email Uni Esports Group, Jesse Bodony, CEO & Co-founder at jesse@uniesportsgroup.com.

Website: www.uniesportsgroup.com

eCampus News Staff

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