Bluum Launches Innovative Esports, STEAM, and Security Solutions

PHOENIX, Ariz. — At its recent Impact 2024 conference, Bluum, a leading provider of education technology, unveiled five new solutions designed to address the biggest challenges in education today. The latest customizable selections of hardware, software, and services from Bluum aim to help educators increase and improve enrollment, keep schools safe and informed, and deliver curriculum innovation for K-12 and higher education.

“Bluum is on a never-ending mission to help improve learning and access to education,” said Bluum CRO Scott Pintsopoulos. “With the new solutions we unveiled at Impact 2024, we are poised to partner with educational institutions to solve some of the toughest challenges facing teachers and learners today.”

Bluum’s diverse range of new offerings include best in class brands addressing everything from stem to school safety.

  • The new Esports solution is designed to enhance student engagement and build a sense of community, effectively tapping into the growing interest in gaming. This innovative strategy not only boosts enrollment figures but also fosters a dynamic learning environment, aligning education with evolving trends and student interests.
  • The new school safety solution provides comprehensive cyber and physical security solutions to ensure a secure learning environment. Bluum’s cybersecurity offerings include strategic planning for educational leaders and tools that safeguard sensitive information, shielding schools from digital threats and ensuring the integrity of educational data. Advanced physical security measures, ranging from access control systems to surveillance technologies, empower schools to proactively address safety concerns, creating a protected space for students and staff while keeping stakeholders well-informed about potential risks and responses.
  • Bluum’s new curriculum innovation for primary schools packages offer a diverse range of tailored solutions that integrate STEM tools and hands-on learning opportunities to increase student engagement and foster curiosity and critical thinking skills among the youngest learners.
  • New curriculum innovation solutions for intermediate schools enable educators to create dynamic and interactive lessons, fostering student engagement and critical thinking, empowering educators to deliver innovative content by ensuring that students are equipped with the digital skills they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world.
  • Bluum’s curriculum innovation for higher education packages allow colleges and universities to integrate hybrid and blended collaborative learning tools and personalized learning experiences with their curriculum.

Bluum selected the quality products in each package to help each school or district achieve its specific goals, and also offers a range of services to ensure that the new tools are ready to go on day one and continue to provide value day after day. Bluum’s support services include the following:

  • White glove services make deployment easier, faster, and less costly. Bluum’s customized configuration solutions help IT teams focus on keeping classrooms running smoothly.
  • Bluum Shield is an original equipment manufacturer warranty extension that provides comprehensive coverage to minimize learning interruptions, maximize the value of every technology investment, and lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Strategic planning services customize solutions to fit the specific needs and goals of each organization.
  • Funding advisory services help schools and districts find, apply for, and use available funds they may not be aware of.
  • Bluum’s professional development offerings include coaching via onsite, remote, and asynchronous learning options. Current research shows that ongoing support for instructional integration of technology tools empowers teachers to maximize learning outcomes, increase efficiency, and provide access to learning to meet individual student needs.

“We know that your teachers, your students, and your community are unique, and that even if you share common challenges with other educators, the solutions to those problems are unique,” said Emily Cook, Bluum’s vice president of educational services. “That’s why Bluum is committed to listening, learning, and collaborating with each partner to assess their particular needs and goals, then plan and implement a solution designed for success as they’ve defined it.”

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About Bluum

Bluum is a leader in providing innovative technology solutions for education. We believe in creating engaging, inspiring, and safe learning environments that make education more accessible to all students to better equip them for the future. Through its wide range of best-in-class solutions, Bluum is committed to helping educators and students realize their full potential through technology to improve learning. Visit Bluum to learn more.

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