Video News Vignettes

Deliver your marketing message to your clients in high-definition video!

Did you know that the single hottest marketing platform available for an ed-tech company to reach your buyers is online video? It’s true! Online video advertising is now “the killer app” for marketers. So what keeps so many elite marketing professionals from getting into using video to reach your customers? Well that’s an easy one. It’s a hassle.

Not any more! eSchool News is pleased to announce Video News Vignettes, a hosted presentation video of your product that you create from your own desktop. All you have to do is visit our video creation site, pick your host, background music, and virtual set, and upload your script. In just a couple weeks, you’ll have a simple but professional video on your newest product or service ready for use on your web site, at trade shows, for sales demonstrations, even for direct mail.

The hassle is gone. And that means YOU can take advantage of the huge potential of video marketing. And trust us; you’ll be the hero of your marketing and sales departments when you deliver to them a fully produced video infomercial on your newest product or service in HD.

Watch our eSchool Media Vignette

Click image to play the Video News Vignette.
Click image to play the Video News Vignette.

Once your video is ready, we post your video to eSchoolNews.TV’s “Video Marketplace.” Next, we blast out a video link via our opt-in eMail newsletter “Tools for Schools,” reaching over 70,000 ed-tech decision makers every week. That means your Video News Vignette gets monthly circulation to over 280,000 readers!

Now, the best part – a fully produced, hosted video done “a la carte” would cost you upwards of $20,000 anywhere else. With eSchool News you get professional production and maximum reach in one effortless, cost-effective package.