WVSU modernizes infrastructure

D-Link business-class network switches help WVSU address growing demands, optimize limited budget

infrastructure-campusAfter gradually replacing end-of-life technology and making smaller upgrades over time due to budget constraints, West Virginia State University knew that in order to attract and retain outstanding students, faculty and administrators, it needed to update technology infrastructure to meet the requirements of the growing university.

When the university received a state research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s EPSCoR (the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), it turned to D-Link for network improvements.

“We needed to add a 10-Gigabit core switch to support a new high-performance computer in our Computational Science Center and connect it to other buildings on campus,” said Bob Huston, IT director, WVSU. “This installation, together with an advanced router, would also provide interconnectivity with other nearby institutions – Marshall University and West Virginia University – enabling our researchers to better collaborate with theirs on state-wide research.”

For WVSU, finding affordable solutions that provide state-of-the-art features and stretch budget dollars to their fullest is always a top priority. The university worked with its reseller partner, Infinit Technology Solutions, to find the solution that best fit its needs.

“The university needed a quality core switch, but the Cisco solution was very expensive,” said Joe Hamel, senior account executive, Infinit Technology Solutions. “We introduced them to the D-Link DES-7210 chassis switch because the capabilities were the same, yet the pricing was much better. WVSU already had some smaller D-Link unmanaged switches and standalone access points, but we were able to show them that D-Link offers much more than that. We installed the new core switch, they loved it, and they’ve now begun installing D-Link PoE head switches and enterprise-level PoE access points throughout the campus.”

By making the transition to managed PoE switches, the university has not only gained Gigabit speed, it has eliminated the need to install power outlets for the access points, and also acquired network-management capabilities that save time and make life simpler. PoE switches can also support the university’s growing number of VoIP phones and IP security cameras.

WVSU is well underway with other network expansion projects. Infinit Technology Solutions is helping the university add managed switches, expand its wireless coverage and implement unified wireless into dorms and various campus buildings. With an increasing number of managed switches on the edges (many with built-in VLAN capability), Huston says the university plans to use more VLANs to segregate traffic from various networks, such as VoIP traffic, wireless traffic, traffic from security cameras, and traffic from students and administrators.

“When it comes to networking solutions, everybody wants good value and D-Link has consistently provided the best value for us,” said Huston. “Simply put, we can buy a lot more for our money – and that gives us the best value for the university. They also provide great technical support and excellent responsiveness. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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