South Kitsap School District Implements Tools4ever’s User Management Resource Administrator to Streamline Internal Efficiencies

UMRA allows district leaders to focus on less time-consuming issues, and pass user management responsibilities for password management and account access to the teacher level.

SEATTLE, Wash. – Oct. 24, 2012 — Tools4ever, the worldwide market leader in identity and access management solutions with more than five million user accounts, announced today that South Kitsap School District has implemented its User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) solution. South Kitsap is a K-12 district located in Port Orchard, Washington, encompassing a high school, 10 elementary schools, three junior highs and two alternative schools serving more than 9,500 students with 1,200 employees.

Tools4ever’s UMRA allows school districts to automate and streamline their identity management, and reduce the time and resources the IT department needs to deal with account management issues. South Kitsap School District leaders decided to implement UMRA to improve efficiency and have the ability to easily work with new technology, such as Dropbox.

Prior to utilizing Tools4ever’s UMRA, South Kitsap ran an in-house solution that the district had outgrown. It needed a way to make its account management more efficient and less time consuming. Now, with UMRA in place, the district’s human resources department simply enters a student or employee into the system and UMRA creates an exchange email account, home directory and adds the individual to the appropriate security group within a day, with minimal human intervention.

UMRA is also customized to manage accounts in Dropbox so that students can safety and easily submit assignments and help with password management for teachers.

“Through UMRA’s scripting interface, we are able to securely drive password management down to the school level, giving our teachers the tools they need to get students back online,” Derry Lyons, Director of IT Services at South Kitsap School District said.

Tools4ever, specializing in several market segments including education, for more than 15 years, continues to develop solutions for school districts and institutions of higher education, including single sign on, two factor authorization and self-service password management tools.

“School districts, like other entities, realize they need to create efficiencies and pass along some of the ownership responsibilities onto the respective owners of the accounts, and in doing so, they realize they are saving money and creating internal efficiencies, said Dean Wiech, managing director of Tools4ever.

“Tools4ever continues to develop solutions for educational entities that help them accomplish their business goals in a straight forward, efficient cost saving manner,” Wiech added.

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About South Kitsap School District

The students, staff, parents and community of South Kitsap all play a vital role in district’s success as a center of learning. T nurture growth, inspire achievement and build community the district will: value and develop the gifts, talents and abilities of all students through a caring and devoted partnership with its community; foster a dynamic, responsive and nurturing learning environment that empowers our students to achieve their full potential through academic success, productive citizenship and personal responsibility; focus on student learning by embracing diversity, encouraging creativity and real-world experience, and ensuring mutual respect and equal opportunities; graduate highly skilled, motivated students who will thrive and contribute to the world community; and hold ourselves accountable to our community to establish and maintain a tradition of excellence that is evident in the success of our students.

About Tools4ever

Tools4ever distinguishes itself with a no-nonsense approach and a low total cost of ownership. In contrast to comparable identity and access management solutions, Tools4ever implements a complete solution in several days rather than weeks or months. Because of this approach, Tools4ever is the undisputed identity and access management market leader with more than five million managed users. Tools4ever supplies a variety of software products and integrated consultancy services involving identity management, such as user provisioning, RBAC, password management, SSO and access management. For more information, please visit

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