uBoost Announces New APIs and SDKs Available to All Web Publishers Looking to Boost Registrations, User Activity and Loyalty

uBoost, the nation’s premiere online recognition program, announced its API extension, allowing publishers, learning management systems, and online communities to increase attendance, logins, registration, participation, and user generated content, by delivering relevant feedback anywhere within their platform.

A variety of ready-to-use widgets can be customized and placed in a site to enhance user experience. The widgets are highly configurable making it easy to “theme” them to complement a site’s look and feel. Publishers can use the new APIs to pull badges, leaderboards and user profiles, into their existing user interfaces, giving maximum flexibility and control. Clients looking for an immediate solution to deliver feedback without extensive integration time can publish uBoost’s Flash-based widget as a footer to any web page. This widget displays leaderboard ranking, badges, and other profile information such as the user’s level and avatar. Clients can choose to award currency redeemable for items in their uBoost hosted custom catalog, accessible via a link in the widget.

“Our newly designed SDKs and APIs support small to medium sized web publishers that may not have the resources to deliver real-time feedback to their users,” says John Bower, CEO of uBoost. “User engagement through uBoost-powered positive feedback loops delivered through the widget results in dramatic increases in attendance, course completion, logins, on-time homework completion and student retention.”

Take a look at the web API documentation: https://github.com/chriskk/uBoost-API-v2

A future release will leverage HTML 5 WebSockets, allowing real-time push notifications for badges, points, and other user activities.

About uBoost
uBoost, the nation’s largest student motivation company, provides educators with an automated solution to deliver real-time, relevant recognition for incremental academic achievement. Students are motivated by different forms of feedback; uBoost recognizes their achievements with performance-based badges, leaderboards, daily email alerts, experience points, and currency points redeemable for rewards clients select, including charitable giving opportunities, playtime on uBoost-exclusive games, and merchandise and gift cards.

Partnering with publishers, school districts, online schools, tutoring companies and private education companies, uBoost designs customized programs that foster student motivation, improve classroom behavior, and encourage parent engagement.

New recognition tools, rewards, and contests are added regularly to keep up with students’ changing interests and to ensure relevancy throughout the school year.

For more information about uBoost, call 866-921-4480 or visit:


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