Higher education institutions are facing a myriad of challenges, such as evolving staff and student expectations and heightened demands for cybersecurity. To thrive in a constantly shifting environment and offer an exceptional campus experience for all stakeholders, institutions must be agile, innovative, and responsive to community demands. eCampus News has curated the most recent resources and insights covering topics such as campus accessibility and inclusivity planning, best practices in data security, and the latest health, safety, and well-being trends in higher ed to help maintain your institution’s competitive edge.

Powering the New “Smart Campus” Lifestyle

Although the quality of higher education has never been higher by most measures, a recent survey shows that students appear to be less convinced of its value, with only 34% of institutions meeting new student enrollment goals and 95% of directors agreeing that institution leaders need to better explain the value of a postsecondary degree.

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North Dakota University Systems Gets Creative with Nelnet Storefront

Nelnet Storefront is a user-friendly, customizable solution that allows higher education institutions like North Dakota University System (NDUS) to accept donations and sell products, event tickets, and more – entirely online.

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Flexibility for The Future: Strategic Campus Planning

Learn about the future of higher education from Georgetown University and JLL real estate experts in our Lambent webinar. Explore three critical themes, including hybrid workspaces, sustainability data, and inclusive employee spaces.

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Defending Your Institutional and Student Data

Keys to protecting and managing your institutional, student, and research data.

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Kognito’s Expert Series Discusses Insights and Trends in Higher Education

Kognito’s subject matter expert series presents current trends, data, and perspectives on important issues for higher education from leading educators, clinicians, and researchers in the field.

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Cybersecurity in Higher Ed

Secure sensitive data in higher education with our whitepaper on essential DPP components, unique challenges, and Commvault’s cybersecurity solution for business continuity and protection against cyber-attacks.

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Protecting Your Organization With Vendor Risk Management

Learn from experts on building a risk management program for higher education institutions in the digital age. Get tips on leveraging a risk matrix and encouraging faculty to utilize security review processes to enhance your institution’s security posture.

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