Transact’s technology for higher education delivers a mobile-centric student experience and streamlines administration with integrated payments, campus ID, and commerce. With a long-standing reputation in the education community, Transact proudly serves more than 12 million students across 1,850 client institutions. Our fintech solutions facilitate $49 billion in payments annually and have enabled more than 227 million contactless mobile wallet transactions and $342 million in mobile orders since inception. We are the leader in innovative payment and mobile credential solutions for higher ed. Keep reading for case studies, fact sheets, and infographics to inspire your campus’ digital transformation.

Campus Commerce

Transact and Amazon Just Walk Out Technology

Discover the game-changing integration of Transact and Amazon, revolutionizing campus stores with the Just Walk Out technology by Amazon.

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Cloud Point-of-Sale Suite

Check out all the ways Transact Cloud POS makes a campus administrator’s job easier while also delivering a feature-rich shopping experience for students.

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How To Grow Revenue With A Campus Loyalty Program

If your campus doesn’t already have a loyalty program as part of its mobile ordering experience, our solution has you cover.

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Campus ID

Mobile Credential: Campus ID

Meet the needs of your mobile- centric students with a fast, secure NFC-enabled mobile credential for Apple, Samsung, and Google Wallet

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7 ways Transact IDX streamlines your institution’s daily operations and delivers a seamless experience across campus

Here are 7 ways Transact IDX will help streamline your institution’s daily operations and create a seamless experience across campus.

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Transact Campus + University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Learn how Transact Campus ID solutions has helped the University of North Carolina Charlotte provide a seamless campus experience for their students with Transact Mobile Credential and Transact Mobile Ordering!

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Transact Integrated Payments Santa Clara University

Watch to see how Santa Clara University uses Transact Integrated Payments to streamline their campus experience.

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5 Things Colleges Need to Know About Payment Processing

Did you know adoption of online payments will grow 15% by 2025? Learn more payment trends for colleges—download this infographic now.

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5 Things You Need to Know About International Students & Paying for College

The number of international students attending U.S. colleges is on the rise. Learn more about this growing group, and how Transact can help make it easier for international students to call your campus home.

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Thought Leadership

Financial Habits and Technology Use Among Students

Conducted in partnership with Center for Generational Kinetics, we conducted national research on how emerging generations are driving payment and technology expectations on campuses

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Strategies to Manage the Higher Ed Labor Shortage

Enabling Self-Service Operations and Contactless Interactions are Key Components of Managing the Higher Education Labor Shortage Crisis

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