eCampus of the Month

Is your campus a leader when it comes to technology? If so, eCampus News invites your chancellor, CIO, or IT director to nominate your campus for our “eCampus of the Month” awards program.

eCampus News wants to recognize the hard work that has helped your campus become a model for others seeking to more effectively integrate technology into every aspect of the educational and administrative process.

If your campus is selected as a winner, we’ll use the information you submit to compile a story outlining your campus’s technology efforts. You’ll also be featured in our weekly eMail newsletters and in other prominent ways.

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and are judged by eCampus News editors according to the Hallmarks of Excellence we’ve listed after the nomination form.

Online Nomination Form: eCampus of the Month

eCampus of the Month Hallmarks

  • Campus leaders and college/university educators use technology effectively each day in administration and instruction.
  • Campus leaders, technology leaders and staff, and instructors attend professional development meetings, seminars, conferences, etc., focused on technology integration and use.
  • Technology resources are equitably distributed and accessible among students and staff.
  • Leaders, stakeholders, and students are informed and understand technology’s valuable role in education.
  • When technology is integrated into curriculum, campus leaders are invested and present from start to finish and closely monitor the process.
  • Campus leaders carefully construct a college or university technology plan for technology development and implementation.
  • Campus operations are streamlined through the use of technology.
  • Emerging technologies are studied and included in potential technology solutions or pilots when appropriate – i.e., campus leaders show little or no unwillingness to experiment with new technologies.
  • College and university leaders think about technology not only in the short-term, but consider its long-term potential and impact for campus learning and operations.
  • Students are encouraged to develop ideas for technology use in lecture halls and for assignments, and are encouraged to use personal technology tools for academic purposes whenever possible.
  • Technology is combined with data to inform instruction and increase student achievement.
  • College and university leaders approach Web 2.0 tools and social networking tools with an open mind.
  • Campus leaders work with campus technology leaders and officials and each is in open communication with the other.