Editorial: Dream of higher education slipping away

2011 marks my 50th year as an instructor at Los Angeles City College, which is not something of interest except to the perhaps 15,000 students who have passed through my classes, says Sam Eisenstein, instructor at Los Angeles City College, for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. And maybe also their spouses, children and grandchildren. OK, maybe also to the parole officers they didn’t have, the unemployment lines they didn’t stand in, even possibly the homes not broken with the anguish of abandonment and/or divorce.  If I seem to be making a case for education being the linchpin to a successful life, I plead guilty. The community college, perhaps especially the one I call home, LACC, the campus where UCLA and the Cal State system began, is responsible for making possible a second beginning for many whose high school careers were not marked by achievement high enough to merit admission to a state school…

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