wyzPREP launches e-learning platform

Solution for GMAT preparation is now available to students across the globe

wyzPREP announced the official launch of its e-learning platform intended to provide a multidimensional learning experience for prospective business students around the world, studying for the GMAT exam.

wyzPREP offers a global and affordable solution for ambitious students looking for a customized academic experience. The platform provides quality one-on-one sessions with expert instructors, as well as over 40 hours of HD quality video, along with hundreds of problem solving examples with video solutions, to ensure all students are able to study at their own pace.

All enrolled students receive free content and tips delivered directly to their inbox. As a highly interactive and user-friendly tool, wyzPREP features e-classes and webinars, performance reports, customized dashboards and interactive exams for their enrolled students, bringing GMAT preparation into the 21st century.

Unlike other players in the e-learning industry, wyzPREP currently specializes solely on the GMAT exam, allowing the company to offer the highest quality tutoring resources to guarantee success and flexibility for all enrolled students.

Beyond teaching the hard skills required to ace the GMAT exam, wyzPREP aims to evolve the learning platform to become a primary source for students to build their confidence, motivation and other soft skill development while studying for the GMAT. wyzPrep believes that by providing the tools for students to build their confidence along with the core knowledge of the GMAT, they will be optimally prepared for exam day.

“wyzPREP is fully invested in each student’s success.” Said Damien Bullard, co-founder of wyzPREP. “We demonstrate this commitment to GMAT preparation through a combination of offerings and processes, privacy policies and proactive communications, providing a meaningful learning experience. Our mission is to offer the skills, motivation and learning resources necessary to empower any student, regardless of their past academic history, to achieve a superior grade on their GMAT.”

wyzPREP also offers the following features:
• Combination of traditional instruction and peer-to-peer strategies
• Comprehensive live in-person support
• Score and money back guarantee

“As an exclusive online offering, wyzPREP does not carry the overhead and compressed margins related to having physical locations. Therefore, we can offer both a more advanced level of functionality and features at a lower cost than any other provider.” Said Todd Rothman, co-founder of wyzPREP. “Online learning has proven its importance and relevance in education. It is our responsibility and duty as pioneers in education to provide a platform that will revolutionize the standardized test prep market.”

Laura Ascione

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