It has been talked about for years, but now, AI is having a big impact on education, from small tasks to larger student interactions.

7 ways AI can benefit education

It has been talked about for years, but now, AI is having a big impact on education, from small tasks to larger student interactions

Today, almost every industry uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to drive growth and find new, more efficient ways to succeed. The education sector is the next big benefactor. Within the next three years, AI will be compatible with almost 47 percent of learning management tools. 

Traditionally, education has been slow to adopt AI-powered solutions. The pandemic drastically increased the need for new technologies as educators and students continue teaching and learning from home. With technology so prevalent in learning spaces, it’s crucial the education sector moves quickly to adopt new tools, and 86 percent of educators agree. AI can significantly increase the efficacy of online and remote learning to fit the needs of educators and students.

How AI Benefits Students

AI is best suited for streamlining the education and administrative process. Students want their degree to prove their intelligence and accomplishments. AI helps students by matching the best courses, improving communication channels between educators and themselves, and freeing up time by providing a 24/7 tool for common questions or inquiries about homework, class times, and many other answers.

  1. Personalization for Students

Personalization is one of the most talked-about aspects of education right now. There are talks of what class size is best, how many students per educator is the right amount, and how to accommodate online and in-person students. AI personalizes the education journey by learning a student’s habits and figuring out how to teach them while adapting to various skill levels. Based on previous assignments and tests, AI finds a student’s strengths and weaknesses and matches them with the best educators and classes to suit their educational needs. When matched, students find a deeper, more personalized education path that can increase their engagement, class participation, and overall experience.

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