Today, current college students take at least one online class and almost half (48 percent) never enter the physical classroom, making it imperative for universities to incorporate and implement technology that brings students and teachers together, streamlines submission processes, and encourages a problem-solving mindset in all. Without this technology, universities will undoubtedly begin to fall behind both now and in the future.

However, advancing technology isn’t limited to the classroom – it has become a part of almost every facet of university life. This includes ID cards, meal point systems, class enrollment, sport event admissions, technology support, and the like. All of these new use cases require efficient, and oftentimes automated, IT service management.

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In order to fulfill the needs that evolving technologies bring, higher-ed IT teams must expand their existing purview to successfully support students, teachers, and staff. This means understanding that most students will be able to solve their own problems via self-service tools, but for larger, more complex problems, will need easy access to specialized support.

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John Prestridge is SVP of North America and CMO of EasyVista.

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