Here are 4 applications for VR in higher education.

4 applications for VR in higher education

There are a number of surprising opportunities to incorporate VR in higher education--here are a handful of examples

Virtual reality (VR) is continuing to grow in both popularity and accessibility. And more and more higher education institutions are embracing VR technology. According to Internet2’s 2018 VR/AR in Research and Education Study, 28% of higher education institutions are integrating VR into their campuses, and that number is only going up.

With easy mobile access and affordable VR viewing hardware, more and more universities and colleges will find utility in offering immersive experiences for prospective students. But there are many different uses for VR. And once an education institution has proven some success in one area, the use of VR in applications like facilities management, fundraising, and other applications will become much more common.

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Following are four applications for VR of the ways that higher education institutions can use and benefit from virtual reality.

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