A broken lock illustrates the dangers of higher-ed data breaches.

What to know about higher-ed data breaches and vulnerable web apps

The academic sector needs to focus on updating their cybersecurity strategies and combating higher-ed data breaches

The recent Georgia Tech breach where 1.3 million students, student applicants, and current and former faculty and staff may have been compromised is believed to be one of the biggest higher-ed data breaches suffered by a university in the U.S.

The vulnerability found in Georgia Tech’s web application speaks to the risks of higher-ed data breaches–risks academic institutions and businesses face daily. Unsecured web applications provide easy access for hackers to gain entry into any business to conduct a variety of crimes.

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The three-month exposure window gave the intruder ample time to access critical details to leverage and sell on the Dark Web. This is a warning sign that nobody is impermeable and a sobering reminder to proactively strengthen application security.

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