A person stands on an arrow to indicate choosing a path, like the guided pathways program helps students choose their career path.

Guided Pathways to faster graduation: Supporting students with new tech

For schools embracing Guided Pathways, new technology to manage advising and degree-planning is essential

At Pearl River Community College (PRCC)–Mississippi’s first and oldest two-year academic institution– our top priority is to help students complete a degree or certificate program in order to advance and thrive in the career of their choosing.

We continuously evaluate how we engage with our 5,000+ students, aiming to further improve and simplify how we support degree planning and advise individuals throughout the year. Quite simply, we continuously ask ourselves: What can we do as an institution to boost student success and retention?

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One answer is the Guided Pathways approach. Coordinated by the American Association of Community Colleges, Guided Pathways is a national movement that involves redesigning the college experience to better focus on student success, creating clear maps for academic programs, helping students choose a program pathway and providing the support and resources to keep them on that path through to graduation.

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