Dr. Moo-Yeal Lee, at left, an associate professor of chemical and biomedical engineering at CSU, received TeCK Fund funding to commercialize his technology to improve disease modeling through the use of 3D bioprinting.

The TeCK Fund: Inter-university collaboration fuels faculty entrepreneurs

Cleveland State University and Kent State University find that collaboration offers advantages for faculty innovators and startups in the form of the TeCK Fund

Universities are constantly challenged to do more with less and to be “more entrepreneurial” about providing administrative services, while being asked to offer much more than just a classroom education to our students. Increasingly, universities support entrepreneurship and innovation that translates academic knowledge and technologies to the marketplace.

As CSU President Harlan Sands notes, “Our role as an anchor institution requires that we educate a diverse student body, perform cutting-edge research, and drive economic development that enriches both our students and the community.”

The TeCK Fund was born from the idea that the strengths of Cleveland State and Kent State are complementary, and that together we could support a robust technology validation accelerator that could create greater impact, and require fewer resources, than individual accelerators on each campus.

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