Gen Z

Gen Z is defining a new era in workplace learning

A majority of Gen Z members are willing to learn new skills if they'll see financial benefits

Gen Z adults are primarily motivated to learn if the benefits are financially worth it, according to a LinkedIn survey of more than 2,000 members of Gen Z.

With 61 million members, the survey asserts that Gen Z “is the first cohort of workers that grew up with the internet, and are used to dynamic and social communication from an early age.” The oldest members of Gen Z are 22 and are just entering the workforce.

Gen Z learners consider learning important if it can help them improve their skills and make more money. Sixty-two percent want to learn to improve their job performance, 59 percent want to learn in order to make more money, and 46 percent are motivated to learn in order to get a promotion.

These workforce members know the skills needed for success in today’s job market are different from skills needed in past generations (76 percent), and 91 percent of L&D leaders agree with this skill evolution.

Laura Ascione