Most institutions developing online programs have it all wrong—here’s how to do it right

Six steps to take when starting an online-learning initiative

Most higher education institutions developing online courses and programs have it all wrong.

Every day, we speak to universities that are looking to launch new online-learning initiatives, and many of these conversations start with the same question: “How do we put these courses online?”

By asking a few initial questions of our own, we’ve found that most institutions tend to anchor their thinking to their existing on-campus courses. This approach is limiting at best, and a recipe for mediocrity in many cases.

Instead of thinking about your new online initiative—whether it’s a single course or an entire degree program—as a generic rework of your on-campus courses, we recommend thinking of it as an entirely new educational experience. A new product. One that demands that you carefully evaluate all your requirements and ensure the program is designed specifically with your target audience of current students and prospective students in mind.

In other words, approach the process as a product company would when planning to launch a new offering.

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