IT fall checklist

When school’s out, IT is in–A checklist before fall

3 must-considers for IT before the fall rush is in full swing to save time and aggravation.

School may be out during the summertime, but IT is in and they are expected to hustle.

The buildup to the start of a new school year is a critical time for IT leaders in higher education. Not only are they charged with supporting an entire campus that has varying needs across departments, they are also delivering cutting-edge customer service to students and implementing new technologies to streamline processes and budgets.

At Samanage we regularly talk to campus IT leaders about how to use the summer to prepare for fall.

With new technology innovations readily available, there’s a checklist of tools and steps for campus IT teams to consider.

Automation through cloud technologies is the key to driving exceptional IT services throughout the course of the school year.

1. Have You Considered Moving to the Cloud?

Compared to other industries, higher education has been hesitant to adopt cloud technologies due to misconceptions about security, and pre-existing investments in large on-premise solutions. Increasingly, however, education institutions are making the switch to cloud to tap into the cost efficiencies of outsourcing infrastructure and applications to drive greater efficiencies, and to reduce capital investments in the face of budget cuts.

Campuses that are still using on-premise solutions should carefully consider how a move to the cloud can free the IT team from managing infrastructure and applications and allow them to focus more on service.

For example, many of Samanage’s education customers have migrated to Google for school email accounts, storage and file sharing. Service management across the campus can also be moved to the cloud, simplifying everything from IT tickets to the onboarding of new faculty and students, to facilities requests.

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