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9 online learning predictions for the upcoming term

From two-way collaboration to growing data demands, online learning promises even more tech innovation for the upcoming term.

When talking about online learning, every passing year brings new advancements in technology and pedagogy—often with successful student learning results. As online learning as a whole is expected to increase in the foreseeable future, it’s critical for faculty and higher ed stakeholders to ponder new usability and functionality within this trendy mode of learning.

In recent research conducted by ProProfs, a professional LMS provider, the company identified the top 9 online learning predictions for the rest of the year.

Their infographic helps guide online learning enthusiasts and teachers through the eLearning trends and predictions that their research reveals will play a key role in learning for the upcoming term; with the aim of helping learning and development specialists get a clearer picture of the global eLearning landscape, and in turn help them make necessary changes in their existing strategies.

The 9 Online Learning Predictions for the 2017-2018 Term [for sourcing information, see the full infographic]

  1. Videos will dominate: More instructional designers are learning toward video-based training. By 2019, videos will drive 80 percent of internet traffic.
  2. A rise in intelligent data demand: eLearning tools that can draw actionable insights and speed up data extraction will magnify in 2017.
  3. Gamification to excel: Game-driven online learning tools will grow at a faster pace in late 2017. By 2020, the gamification market will reach $11.1 billion.

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