LMS study

Research: 5 patterns of course LMS use, but is there a most effective one?

Research seeks to identify how student engagement differs among various courses, and identify best practices in each course LMS type.

Instructors seeking to increase student participation through their LMS should consider adding assessments or discussion forums, according to new research from Blackboard.

Using those tools could give instructors in-person class time for interactions with students, along with ad-hoc discussions, the study suggests.

Courses with a high amount of student activity tend to use a diverse set of tools in the LMS, and campuses should identify those leading courses as best practices models for other faculty, notes the report.

To determine what leads to high student participation in an LMS, researchers analyzed patterns between courses based on the time students spent using different tools in Blackboard Learn. The study involved 70,000 courses from 927 institutions and 3.3 million unique learners all using Blackboard Learn during the spring of 2016.

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Laura Ascione