New service helps with digital accessibility requirements

Perkins School for the Blind launches Perkins Access to help organizations comply with upcoming federal rules for digital accessibility

accessibility-policyA new resource from Perkins School for the Blind will help higher education institutions and other organizations become ready to ensure their digital content is accessible to those with special needs, as required by forthcoming federal rules.

The Perkins Access digital accessibility service is designed to help those organizations that lack in-house expertise to fully and adequately evaluate their digital assets and ensure they meet accessibility standards.

The service was spurred in part by the growing importance of online and digital communications in school and the workforce.

Perkins Solutions has built a set of digital accessibility services as part of its Perkins Access suite. The features are designed to help organizations address problems with accessibility and speed their progress to comply with mandates in the upcoming American with Disabilities Act (ADA) refresh and the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines updates that are in process.

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Laura Ascione