Online platform addresses career readiness

PrepSTEP aims to help connect students with tools for academic success, career readiness

career-readinessIn response to the need for schools to improve the college and career readiness among students, EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is introducing PrepSTEP™, an online learning platform that helps students build the college and career readiness skills that can shape their futures, in school and beyond.

PrepSTEP is a unique collection of academic and career-related resources that offers skill-building in reading, writing, math, science, basic computing, and workforce skills, as well as preparation for high-stakes exams like high school equivalency, college admissions and placement, and occupational licensing.

It is currently available in two versions to meet the specific needs of each student population—two-year colleges and technical schools, and four-year colleges and universities. Coming soon, there will be a high school version. PrepSTEP is developed by LearningExpress, an award-winning educational software provider and an EBSCO company.

PrepSTEP features hundreds of easy-to-use interactive tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks that students can access anytime, anywhere, online, from any device with an Internet browser. It provides the tools students need for self-directed study; supplemental skill-building for developmental programs; soft skills training in time management, communications, and other workplace skills; as well as test preparation and career information in some of today’s most popular occupations. There is also a personal portfolio feature so students can save their work and track progress.

Recent studies indicate that nearly 60 percent of incoming college freshmen need remedial classes.

PrepSTEP is designed to help these students by providing supplemental resources for remedial coursework, self-directed skills improvement, and test preparation, to help them score higher on college placement tests and remain engaged and on track to complete their programs.

General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of LearningExpress, Kheil McIntyre says, “PrepSTEP is a great way for colleges to help students meet the challenges of readiness, remediation, and retention, and make significant contributions towards their success.”

The addition of PrepSTEP offers colleges the opportunity to give their students the preparation that can change their futures and help them step up to success.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

Laura Ascione