Using Vectra Networks, Santa Clara University implemented automated threat detection.

mobile-networksSanta Clara University (SCU) has deployed Vectra Networks’ X-series platform to protect private university and student information on its campus network from malware and today’s advanced persistent threats.

SCU will use the automated threat detection to secure private data and address FERPA, HIPAA and PCI compliance concerns from security risks, including those introduced by the highly mobile nature of students and the university community.

“Security on campus would be a lot easier if we were dealing with just staff and faculty, but students bring on to our network a host of BYOD devices that we have little control over and are often infected,” said Bryan McClenahan, Senior Security Analyst at SCU.

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“Vectra quickly showed us its value by giving us the visibility into our network and our security devices that we need. It finds the needles in the needles stack – we don’t even have a haystack.”

According to McClenahan, SCU uses a variety of security solutions, including Symantec anti-virus, Palo Alto Networks firewalls, and IBM QRadar security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. He and his small security staff do not have time to analyze information from all these devices on a regular basis to dissect and create defenses, he said.

“We can’t look at all our solutions every day, and the visibility and integration that Vectra gives us is invaluable,” he said. “The UI is very intuitive and easy to use. Vectra’s ability to pull all our information together and, with the addition of explanations into incidents detected, facilitates quicker resolution to issues, and that adds significant value to our organization.”

“The benefits delivered by Vectra at SCU are great examples of how organizations can protect their data and meet regulatory compliance with advanced intelligence and visibility into their networks,” said Rick Geehan, VP of North American Sales. “With mobile adoption nearing 100 percent, campuses and organizations alike are struggling to keep unmanaged devices from introducing infections and malware on their networks. Vectra detects and reports on threats at every phase of an attack using data science and behavioral analysis, and integrates with security systems to prioritize incidents for IT teams.”

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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