How interactive profiles could help provide CBE credibility

Nanodegree profiles aim to help recruiters find high-quality candidates

udacity-nanodegreeUdacity and Accredible have partnered to provide Udacity’s Nanodegree program students with professional profiles powered by Accredible, which develops interactive certificate technology. The profiles will provide recruiters with a better understanding of the capabilities and learning styles of potential candidates.

The Nanodegree program is a new type of credential for lifelong learners giving professionals the ability to advance their skills or get a new job. They are designed to be efficient, focused and affordable, making them extremely applicable to the needs of today’s tech-centric world. Developed to take about 6-12 months to complete, Nanodegrees are lean and “stackable” enabling individuals to earn new credentials over the course of their career.

Udacity has partnered with leading companies like AT&T, Google, MongoDB and Cloudera to design the content for Nanodegrees to ensure graduates have the skills needed for today’s workplace. Nanodegrees have also been endorsed by companies including Cloudera, Salesforce and Autodesk.

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Laura Ascione