‘Maker’ innovation spreading on campuses

Xavier University to open one of the first MakerBot Innovation Centers

The new MakerBot Innovation Center at Xavier University will provide access to MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers to Xavier students, faculty and community.

Xavier University is partnering with MakerBot to bring a MakerBot Innovation Center to the university’s campus.

Xavier University joins a growing number of universities throughout the country that offer MakerBot Innovation Centers, which are designed to empower organizations to innovate faster, collaborate better, and compete more effectively.

MakerBot is providing the consulting, technical support, and training required to implement the MakerBot Innovation Center and will work closely with Xavier’s faculty to develop a curriculum that introduces professors and students to the world of 3D printing and its real-time possibilities.

The MakerBot Innovation Center at Xavier is a custom, centralized and scalable 3D printing solution that has been developed to meet the specific needs of the university, said officials.

It is designed to create an environment in which entrepreneurialism, education and innovation can be cultivated and encouraged in the Cincinnati area and beyond. With the MakerBot Innovation Center, students, faculty and the community are provided opportunities to collaborate on real-time prototyping, model making and small-scale creative and manufacturing projects.

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Laura Ascione