What it takes for cloud tech to become FERPA-compliant

Cloud solution industry giant discusses its new software’s features needed to meet applicable FERPA requirements

cloud-security-ferpaIn the recent wake of Apple’s Cloud security breach, as well as multiple security hacks into campuses across the country, cloud solutions providers are saying that the next step in cybersecurity means becoming independently-verified FERPA compliant.

Turning Technologies, a partner for learning engagement and assessment services, announced its latest release, TurningPoint Cloud, has been independently verified for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance. The American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) issued an official letter of notice that TurningPoint Cloud successful addressed FERPA issues with relevance to the collection, use and protection of education records.

This compliance, independently verified, will hopefully usher in a new level of security for campus IT solutions.

“TurningPoint Cloud was proactively engineered with new security features, ensuring that sensitive information is accessed only by users with verified accounts and designated access encrypted files,” said Turning Technologies’ CEO Mike Broderick.  “As good stewards of data, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of all our users, especially students.  Providing customers with compliant, independently verified solutions makes it easier for institutions to support FERPA policies.  Eliciting independent auditors to review our data protection practices is just one of the ways we provide tools that users can trust.”

Updated with new features, TurningPoint Cloud maintains its core functionality as a student response system, offering polling with PowerPoint®, over top of any application or self-paced mode for tests, evaluations and surveys.

Along with its availability for Mac or PC so that instructors can conduct real-time assessments to track progress, instantly view results and collect data, TurningPoint Cloud has now introduced the use of Turning Accounts, available for both instructors and students to leverage what the company says is secure, centralized cloud-based management of courses, rosters and assessment data safeguarded with a secure login and file encryption.

(The 8 FERPA compliance points and features needed)

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