Although Vine videos are not yet a mainstream practice in higher ed, they can play an important role in showcasing university life

vine-education-universityHave you heard of Vine? Chances are you may have seen a cute six second video of a pet, toddler or food dish posted on a friend or colleagues’ mobile device.

Teens have gravitated towards Vine in massive numbers, even at the expense of leaving Facebook for this ultra-quick video sharing device. In 2013, active teen Vine users skyrocketed by 639 percent.

Although the majority of Vine video clips are for fun and personal use, educators and administrators in higher education could capitalize on the growing popularity of this social media application.

Striking the right balance of engaging, quality academic content online is challenging, and the following suggestions to incorporate Vine can help enhance your university’s presence. Do you use Vine at your college or university? Share your experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Educators and administrators can broadcast brief snippets of their latest professional development conferences using Vine. Using the hashtag #hea13, here’s one Higher Ed Analytics Conference which took place at the University of Michigan in February 2013, and an example of a very “hands on” approach to neuroscience at New York University.



Vine, like Twitter, can use hashtags to expand the conversation. Bring greater attention to a big basketball or football game by posting a video of your team with specific hashtags. Promoting school pride is very important to campus officials, and what better way to attract new students than to showcase collegiate talent?

Watch UNC forward J. P. Tokoto slam on a Notre Dame defender.


Campus Life

Whether its presenting your university’s beautiful campus or describing a particular college course, a quick Vine video can be both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing. Watch one student’s first day at Miami International University of Art & Design and minds in deep concentration at Princeton University’s newly renovated reading room.



Vine can also be used to highlight a special program, guest speaker or graduation. Watch this cheerful reaction of the graduating class of 2013 at Arizona State University, and a very inspirational graduation commencement speech by Navy SEAL Admiral William McRaven at the University of Texas at Austin.


Michael Sharnoff is Associate Online Editor at eCampus News. Follow him on Twitter @Michael_eSM.

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