10 Apple and Android Apps for campus security

These 10 campus safety apps cover a broad range that could be tailored for most institutions

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Integrating campus security and technology, smartphone apps make campus safety more convenient. From GPS locators to social media monitoring, these cost-effective opportunities can improve existing systems for higher education faculty, staff and students.

[Listed in alphabetical order]

1. Campus Safe iPhone/iPad, Android, As low as $1 per user, per year

Campus Safe allows institutions to customize campus safety apps to fit their school specifications. Users can easily access campus safety and emergency contact numbers, important campus safety websites, and crime prevent information. This apps can also link and display safety tweets. Campus Safety integrates with a school’s existing IT system, connecting users to their university accounts. Calls to emergency dispatchers are integrated with Google Voice,and offer options for hearing-impaired users.

2. Campus Sentinel iPhone, Android, Free

Using the influence of social media, this app reviews social sharing activities to prevent and investigate crimes. During large events, campus authorities can watch for potential incidents via social media. Institutions can create a Social Sentinel Safety App accessible to students, staff and parents. This can be used to inform campus communities about currents incidents, and to broadcast preventive programming events.

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