Amazing new security app hits the market

Blackboard’s new campus security app is a one-stop game-changer

security-app-blackboardIn a world where school shootings have become a common – appearing in headlines almost every other week – university officials are increasingly dependent on students, in addition to security cameras and police, to report suspicious activity and crime on campus.

Blackboard Transact, the campus security division of the popular education technology company, Blackboard, known for its content management software, announced on April 15 a new partnership with LiveSafe, which produces a mobile safety application for Android and iOS.

According to Jenny Abramson, CEO and president of LiveSafe, the application has had success by providing students with a platform to communicate about campus safety issues without disrupting their day-to-day lives.

“I think people will help prevent issues if they are able to do it with things they are already using,” Abramson said. “LiveSafe provides a path for students to be communicated with in a way they like to communicate.”

LiveSafe allows students to communicate with campus safety officials, report crime incidents to other students and receive real time updates about everything from poor road conditions to school shootings.

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