The debate over the future of innovation in education continues without a unified vision

educators-online-learningOn April 10, university leaders held a spirited debated over the future of education innovation at the Princeton-Fung Global Forum in Paris.

Princeton Humanities Chair Gideon Rose expressed a bleak outlook for the future of academics, claiming that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) will replace the traditional educator-student dynamic.

Opposing this view William Lawton, director of Observatory on Borderless higher education in London, argued that online learning does not threaten universities. Lawton believes that institutions must combine the best elements of personal teaching interaction with students and technology with a blended learning model.

Read the full debate in here and watch Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber makes his closing remarks.


Back in the United States, Georgia Tech Educational Research and Innovation Director Wendy Newstetter spoke at James Madison University on April 14 about her vision of a “personalized education” model which strikes the right balance of innovation and learning.

For more on Newstetter’s vision, read the full story in The Breeze.

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