New, vetted tool offers colleges an instant tech makeover

Collegefeed debuts new tech platform for campus career centers

career-college-technologyCollegefeed is right: If there’s one aspect of university branding and technology updating that hasn’t changed with the times, it’s usually the campus career center. But thanks to a new platform, FREE for colleges, universities can not only help their students find jobs in the modern market, but can attract major business and promote their brand, 21st Century-style.

Collegefeed, which connects employers to students and recent alumns, was started by a team of six ex-Google, Microsoft, and McKinsey alumni who graduated from six schools with ten degrees between them. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., more than 500+ companies now use Collegefeed, with students from over 1,200 schools.

Announced yesterday, “Collegefeed for Career Centers,” their new tech offering, allows universities to sign up for free to showcase their brand and students to 500+ hiring companies, attract employers who normally wouldn’t come on campus, and make recruiting a year-round event.

“Following the recession, universities are embarking on a mission to radically overhaul their career centers,” said Sanjeev Agrawal, co-founder and CEO of Collegefeed in a statement. “We know technology will increasingly play a transformational role, however schools are struggling to select and implement the best tools to support job-seekers and meet the needs of employers. So we’ve worked closely with many schools to build Collegefeed for Career Centers, a first of its kind platform to help universities ensure their young grads can secure a promising future with the right company.”

Schools like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Cal Poly, Claremont McKenna, USC and SDSU have trialed the platform and are currently rolling it out campus-wide.

“Millennial grads face different career challenges than past generations—but they also have an unprecedented relationship to technology that can function as an asset,” said Keith Humphrey, vice president for Student Affairs at Cal Poly. “Cal Poly is approaching our career services and employer relations in much the same way. We know that real-time relationship building and networking isn’t going away. However, by integrating our processes with new technology and tools like Collegefeed, we can significantly extend our reach and enhance our offerings for students and employer partners alike.”

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