Though it may be old hat to many higher education technologists, cloud computing still plays a vital role on campuses of every size.

cloud-computing-onlineCloud is basically a symbol for the internet; and cloud computing is a way for organizations, business and universities to store and retrieve data over the internet. It allows for people to store things on the internet and have access on a large-scale.

Anyone with an online connection can utilize cloud computing at any location.

12 reasons public clouds are better than private clouds

It is a more efficient and inexpensive way to synchronize and access data or programs, especially in the uprising of online courses for universities.

Forbes recently released a list of free online cloud computing courses:

  • Programming Cloud Services for Android Handheld Systems via Coursera and Vanderbilt University. It begins on June 15 and teaches how to connect Android mobile devices to cloud services through systems like Java Servlets and the Java Spring Framework.
  • Building Mobile Experiences via edX. It began on Feb. 4 and will center on comparing different mobile devices. It is based on a class at MIT.
  • CS169.1x Engineering Software as a Service via edX and UC BerkeleyX. It begins in the second quarter of 2014 and teaches the key components of creating long-lasting software.
  • CS169.2x Engineering Software as a Service, Part 2 via edX and UC BerkeleyX. It is the second part of the aforementioned course and also begins in the second quarter of 2014. It will teach students how to create more advanced applications through JavaScript.